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Super Bowl Week Day 3: Gatorade and MVP

Our picks for Super Bowl MVP and Gatorade bath.


We got some pretty bad news regarding the Super Bowl yesterday.

I love the pirate ship inside Raymond James Stadium. It's unique and unfortunate we won't hear the cannons blasting in the biggest game in franchise history.

Another thing is the CDC canceled cheering for the Super Bowl this year.

So if you cash in a player prop or hit on some squares, please remember NO CHEERING. I'm sure it's not against CDC guidelines for a few golf claps though.

Today, we're talking about the post-game celebrations. Gatorade baths and MVP. For MVP, obviously, Mahomes and Brady have the best shot. It's a QB award, and unless we get a defensive battle or a receiver absolutely pops off, I can't see anyone else winning it. Other players have won it before and there's some serious value.


As I said, Mahomes and Brady are the obvious favorites to win this award. Mahomes is currently at -105 and Brady is at +200 on Fanduel.

I think the next guy up is Tyreek Hill. The last time he played the Bucs, he absolutely torched them. Then again, if Tyreek is racking up all the numbers, they're just going to give it to Mahomes.

Someone on the Bucs has a better chance to win MVP. I already mentioned this earlier, but if there's a year a defensive player wins the award, it's probably this year. I think Shaq Barrett and JPP have a chance to feast coming off the edge. They're at +5000 and +10000.

I also like Mike Evans. I think he has a chance to have a big game against the Chiefs. If he scores a few TDs in a Bucs win, he'll definitely be in the conversation.

Betting against a QB to win the MVP is like throwing money in a fireplace, but what are a  few bucks on a +10000 bet?


This is always a fun one. At this point, you know how all your bets played out. You have an idea who's going to be the MVP. The last thing you're waiting for is the Gatorade bath.

Is it going to orange, blue, purple, clear????? It's the biggest mystery in the Super Bowl. The only people that know are the guys that make the Gatorade and the guy that's going to dump it on the coach.

Since there's nothing to really base this off, I'm just going to take clear at +350. From 2005-2008 clear dominated, but it hasn't shown up since then. Since clear is DUE for the famous bath, it's a no brainer I take them.

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