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Stonks on watch

A look at upcoming momentum plays. 9/15

Lucifer Morningstar





PPSI - Pioner Power Solutions // hurricane stock. Looking at movement due to Hurricane Sally gaining strength on land. Rainfall totals of up to 30 inches could result in historic flooding near the gulf coast.
An unfortunate situation, but give me $2, please. That was the last price movement on the last hurricane in August.



Same deal. The previous few days had buying volume, and no trend just gives me the impression it's being manipulated. Of course, most of there trash pennies are, but that's thats for a different day.
The second image shows a bounce above the moving average line, with above-average buying volume in the previous two sessions.

TRCH Screen-Shot-2020-09-16-at-12.42.53-AM

Crude oil just broke past resistance, which makes me believe oil stocks are about to get hot again. Could be an upcoming theme to watch. I want to break .4 on this one.
A lot of volume, lot of push down on that last candle WITH heavy volume.

It all began in the afterhours.. where volume surged and kept the price above the volume weighted average price (the yellow line).