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Steve Cohen Makes His First Big Move

Steve Cohen makes his first blockbuster move as Mets owner.


We knew Steve Cohen was going to make waves this offseason. As the richest and newest owner in the MLB, he wanted to come out of the gates fast.

Are you happy with Uncle Stevie, Mets fans? This is the type of move Cohen and Sandy Alderson had to make to excite the fanbase. They get one of the best players in baseball to become the face of the franchise.

Not only did they land Lindor, it was reported that Carlos Carrasco is also part of the deal.

I don't know anything about prospects, but it seems like a good trade when you can get a bonafide stud along with a solid starting pitcher for a few prospects. The Mets are very much on their way to becoming one of the best teams in the MLB. Let's see how much more they want to spend. Is George Springer next?

For Indians fans, this is obviously a tough day. Your ownership wanted to save money, so they shipped out one of the best young players to ever put on an Indians uniform. These guys helped bring the Indians to a World Series. They were one game away from winning a World Series. That seems like a century ago, but now Indians fans are back to stage one.

As one fanbase celebrates crawling out of a black hole, another is quickly headed back that way.

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