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Steve Cohen Catching Heat On Twitter

Steve Cohen has been catching heat on Twitter because of the stock market.


So far, it's been a magical offseason for Steve Cohen and the Mets. Cohen was finally able to purchase his childhood team and Mets fans welcomed him with open arms. On top of that, the Mets have had the best offseason acquiring Francisco Lindor and Cookie Carrasco for pretty much nothing.

Unless you live under a rock, you've seen everything that's going on with the stock market. It's become the common man vs. the billionaires. Finally, something that unites the country. Cohen, who's very active on Twitter, has been catching some heat, especially after he bailed out Melvin Capital.

Now for Mets fans, I think Steve Cohen will be just fine. He's currently worth $14.6 billion. The next richest owner is Ted Lerner of the Washington Nationals at $5.3 billion. So again, unless something catastrophic happens, the Mets will be OK.

Ever since Cohen took over the reins in Flushing, he's been very active on Twitter. That hasn't changed since shit hit the fan in the stock market.

Yeah, it seems like Cohen doesn't give a fuck what you guys think when it comes to trading. At the end of the day, billionaires only care about their wallets. Which is obviously fucking bullshit. Especially with everything happening with Robinhood and other trading platforms.

Even Dave Portnoy called him out and Cohen wanted to take the conversation private.

A Twitter war between Portnoy and Cohen would be something.

Cohen is a savage, but knowing Portnoy's history and his army of Stoolies behind him, this might not end up well for the billionaire hedge fund owner.

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