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Stephen Silas Is a Broken Man

After losing 20 straight games, Stephen Silas looks like a defeated man.

Stephen A. Bayless

This is just sad. I want to give Stephen Silas one big hug.

The Rockets lost to the Thunder last night, extending their losing streak to 20. The respected, long-time assistant coach finally got an opportunity to lead a team. Since he's accepted the job, the Rockets have been the biggest dumpster fire in the NBA. Things went down that was completely out of his control.

Before the season started, James Harden requested a trade out. This was going to shake things up in Houston because Harden is obviously an elite player. You can't replicate his production. But most importantly, this team was constructed around Harden. The front office did everything they could to keep Harden happy. Even then, it wasn't enough to keep him in Houston.

Once Harden was traded to the Nets, everything went down hill. The locker room seemed to be a mess and Silas lost the locker room. With Demarcus Cousins and PJ Tucker now gone, he's working with the corpse of John Wall and Victor Oladipo. Luckily for them, Christian Wood has come back from injury.

If there's one bright spot, at least the Rockets know where they stand. It's time to tear everything down and start over. I expect them to trade Oladipo at the trade deadline and hopefully, there's a team out there that's willing to take on John Wall's ridiculous contract.

Can someone in the Houston area make sure Stephen Silas is ok? Maybe buy him a drink or something. He needs someone to tell him it's going to be ok (even though it's probably not going to be).

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