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Scottie Pippen accuses Phil Jackson of being a racist on the Dan Patrick Show

Pippen doesn't hold back when asked about Phil Jackson.

Stephen A. Bayless

Seeing Scottie Pippen accuse Phil Jackson of being a racist on the Dan Patrick Show is certainly something I didn't expect to see today. If you didn't know, Scottie Pippen once sat out of a play in the final seconds of a playoff game against the Knicks. The reason being that Phil Jackson drew up a play for Toni Kukoc instead of Pippen.

This isn't the first time hearing Jackson has had issues with his former players. Phil and Kobe had their differences but seemed to bury the hatchet. It seems like Pippen is still pissed off at Jackson because of that one play all these years later.

Pippen made some interesting remarks lately, taking shots at other people in the NBA circle in a GQ article. He took random shots at Kevin Durant, after Durant had one of the all-time playoff performances we've seen.

He also had some words for Charles Barkley.

Did Larsa Pippen break Scottie? I mean, some of the remarks he's been making lately have been ridiculous. Especially because he's going with this new, cool hipster look at the ripe age of 55. I guess Scottie is burning bridges with everyone in the NBA, just like he did with his ex-wife.

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