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School Suspends Child for having a Dirty Room

Teachers have taken on the role of parents due to online schooling, now punishing children for the contents of their rooms.


God damn am I happy I don’t go to school anymore. Over the past decade school culture has changed for the worse. Everything from zero-tolerance policies to safe spaces, I start to see red just thinking about what modern-day kids have to go through. Now with most schools going online, these scholars can't even hang out with their friends anymore. No more recess, no more gym, no more gossiping in between classes. Just hours of staring at a screen waiting to be called on.

Two weeks ago a student was suspended from school for having a BB gun visible in his room. Are you kidding me? Young boys play with fake guns and knives, it's just what we do. We are a destructive bunch until we realize that in order to impress a female you need to be nuanced and controlled. I would say “boys will be boys” but after a quick search, I’ve discovered that phrase has been canceled. So uh, young men going through hormonal changes will be irrational, I guess.

Obviously having a BB gun on your desk while going over simple division isn’t a good look. However, I don’t see how banning him from school is going to solve this issue. His punishment for having a messy room is that he will now fall behind in class. Seems fair. Also, the teacher must be a grade-A dick to not ask him to remove the toy but immediately go to administration once the class is over.

School is different now, meaning the rules must change. A nine-year-old doesn't have control of his surroundings, so you shouldn’t be allowed to punish him for them. I’m just confused as to where the line is drawn with these current regulations. Is having a Modern Warfare game case visible grounds for expulsion? Does an Eminem sticker result in death by firing squad? What if the child has a poster of Jon Jones? The man terrifies me, I can only imagine the effect he must-have on a class of 3rd graders.

Since classes have gone online this has happened multiple times. The article goes on to mention two other cases, but I'm sure there has been more. Give these kids a break. They are sitting in their rooms all day trying to learn through a camera. The minimal joy school once offered has been completely ruined with online learning. If you want children to resent education, this is certainly a step in the right direction.