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Rudy Giuliani Sweats Through His Hair Dye

Can someone help out Rudy Giuliani?


Rudy Giuliani went from New York hero to national punching bag.

The days since he brought NYC from the ashes has been forgotten. It feels like every few weeks he gets set-up by the Trump administration to make a mockery of himself. When Borat uses you as a punchline of a joke, you know you're headed in the wrong direction.

Which brings us to the most recent video that's come out. It appears Giuliani is ranting about the election, and an unusual substance is running down the side of his face. Is that dirt? No, Giuliani was sweating so much, his fresh hair dye started to drip down his face.

I'm not going to shame Giuliani for dying his hair. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good on camera. If you had a head full of grey hair, you'll do the same thing.

You can't do it before you go to a national press conference though. Especially if you know you're a sweater. Giuliani is a New York Italian. Sweating for no reason is part of the culture. If you walk past a few Italians in NYC, they're most likely sweating through their jumpsuit.

If there's one person that needs to get away from the Trump administration, it's Giuliani. Every time he comes out to say something publicly, I feel like I'm watching an episode of  Veep. So ship him out to the Hamptons and let him retire in peace.

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