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Purdue's Rondale Moore is Putting On For Short Kings

Rondale Moore put on a show at his pro day.


It's officially draft season. It's when middle-aged men evaluate college graduates in tights. They ask irrelevant questions like, "If you were in a fox hole, who would you want with you? Would you rather have a toothpick or ladder to get out?"

It's also a time when we see how freakish these athletes are. Whether it's running a 4.4 40 yard dash or benching 225 20+ times, it's ridiculous to see them put up crazy numbers. This year's draft workout king is Purdue's own, Rondale Moore. Moore put on a show at his pro day today.

The 5'7" receiver has a vertical of 42.5 inches!!!! You could tell he was pissed because he probably could go higher. Moore's biggest question mark going into the draft is his health. In his last two seasons, Moore has only played seven games dealing with lower-body injuries.

Oh, here's Moore squatting 600 pounds his freshman year.

An absolute freak athlete who has shown he can be a big-play machine during his time at Purdue. It will be interesting to see where he lands in the draft considering how deep this draft class is at receiver. You got the big three in Jamar Chase, Devonta Smith, and Jaylen Waddle. You also have tight end, Kyle Pitts. With all four of them projected to go in the top-15, I'm curious how the rest of the receivers fall in place.

If Moore lands somewhere in the mid-rounds, he could be an absolute steal for someone. Of course, he's got to do the most important thing, which is staying healthy. I'll post his highlights below.

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