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Road to 10k Ep. 3 - Back Against The Wall

Three weeks and nothing but losses to show for it. A desperate Eddie clings to his free money, hoping to fight another week.


The only bet that hit last night was my Indiana moneyline gamble. I wound up ending the week with $6.15, however, I was feeling confident and bet on an AJ Brown touchdown to start the Thursday night game. My new total is $5.90. This series has essentially been me losing a couple of cents each week, so I’ve decided to go for all or nothing. I will be gambling the rest of the money in my account. If this is the last week of Road to 10k, remember me for my courage, not for my bets.

Had to start off with the big parlay. If this hits we are right back in it. Only two underdogs I bet on were the Bills and the Seahawks, however I see both of them being close games. Also did a separate, smaller parlay with the teams I'm more confident in.

Did another parlay on the Houston - Cleveland game. Will Fuller is a baller and he can score in any given game. Also the Texans defense is atrocious so I think Baker throws for at least 210 yards. If he doesn't, the Browns will be looking to replace him sooner than he would hope. I also had to throw a quarter down on Randall Cobb. The man is a god damn vulture who refuses to die.

My final three bets. Robinson and Adams score weekly with no issue, a trend that should continue, however, I've proven that I'm inept at gambling. Josh Allen always throws more often when playing good teams so I don't think 2 touchdowns is too much to ask for. While I don't necessarily believe Antonio Brown is due for a TD, I think he will have a better week than his lackluster return.

7 bets, $5.90 wagered, $22.54 in potential earnings. My back is against the wall. Either I make a profit, or my hopes of becoming a gambling addict die this Sunday. I'd take any amount of profit this week, although if I don't break even I may just crawl into a hole, never to reveal myself again.