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Redneck Rave in Kentucky goes exactly how it sounds

Ever wonder what happens at a Redneck Rave? Well, it goes exactly as you'd expect.


When I hear the word rave, I think of overrated DJs coming together to throw an absolute banger for upper middle class white kids who are on way too many drugs.

Country rapper Justin Time organized a Redneck Rave in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. It was supposed to be a five-day country event, but it looks like it turned into a full-blown redneck war.  Someone got their throat slit, a woman got choked out, and a man got a log impaled into his abdomen. Sounds like good old, southern fun.

It was reported that 48 people were charged. Everything from drug trafficking to assault. Is it even a rave if multiple people didn't get arrested for doing dumb shit? Looking at some of the pictures, it looks like Fyre Fest with a southern twist.

Scratch that. Fyre Fest actually looks like a 5-star resort compared to whatever this is. The photos from this event look like they're from a documentary about child soldiers in Africa.

Justin Time wrote on Facebook about his thoughts on the event.

“This was the biggest event we’ve ever done and with as many people and random things that popped up unexpectedly I feel like we all handled it very well.”

I guess no one died, so that's a success. The next Redneck Rave is scheduled for October. Hopefully we can limit the throat slitting and choking women out at the next event.

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