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Raiders Fans Prove Why They're Some of the Best Fans in Sports

COVID-19 can't stop Raider's fans to get disappointed.

Stephen A. Bayless

God damn do I love Raiders fans. Nothing better than grown men wearing face paint and slapping on a pair of shoulder pads to show how dedicated they are to the silver and black.

Although I'm glad to see the NFL back in some capacity, I do miss the crazy fans that sit in the first level banging on the walls every play.

Carolina Cat Man
Detroit Don and Super Fan

This is what makes the NFL special. Middle-aged men wearing ridiculous costumes to give the fans a voice and face.

One of my favorite fan moments of all time was when Boltman stood in front of the San Diego council to keep the Chargers from moving to Los Angeles.

When the Raiders announced they were moving to Las Vegas, I thought we were going to see riots and outcry because of how much the Raiders mean to the area. Nope! The Raiders can move to Russia and the Black Hole will travel across the Pacific to create chaos while they watch the Raiders lose by 20.  

The article posted by the LA Times is a perfect depiction of Raiders fans.

The day before the game, the parking lots at Allegiant Stadium were packed before noon. Many fans were in costumes that included helmets, spiked shoulder pads and plenty of silver and black paint.

Duh. What else are Raiders fans going to do before game day?

“This is my family,” MacPherson said. “I can go up north, they don’t care about the L.A.-Bay beef. We’re all rooting for the same concept.”

If there's one good thing we can say about Mark Davis, he learned well from his father when it comes to convincing Raiders fans to follow them when they relocate city to city.

Regardless, I'm ready for 2021 when we see the Vegas version of the Black Hole. You know it's about to get raunchy in there with the Vegas flair.

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