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Postal Worker Saves Stranger, Forced to Buy New Clothes, Finish Route

Postal Workers take another L as hero is forced to pay to save a man along his route


We live in an age where no one is truly safe. One ten-second clip can ruin your life if it gets retweeted enough. One group I never expected to get persecuted is the mailmen and women of the nation. They work every day in the elements to ensure our country is running on time. Obviously, over the past month, they’ve been under siege by the geriatrics clinging to power. That’s why, for one brief moment, I was excited to see some positive news about those who are unappreciated.

Fernando Garcia, a postal worker in Norwalk, California is being praised as a hero for saving a man who had accidentally cut his arm with a chainsaw. Fernando rushed towards the cries for help without hesitation, using his own belt as a tourniquet and his shirt to help stop the bleeding while emergency services arrived. His quick thinking helped save the life of a stranger, and as a reward, he had to purchase a new shirt and belt before finishing his route.

Yes, you read that correctly. If I had just saved a man’s life I would need a good 2-3 hours for my legs to stop shaking. Fernando’s heart rate never went above 80 bpm, this proves one of two things. The man is a psychopath or his balls are made out of tungsten.

I can’t believe this guy had to purchase a new belt and US Postal Service shirt. The belt maybe I can understand, but the shirt? Postal workers really are getting screwed in every way imaginable. Mr. Garcia just had to drop a morning’s pay on new clothes as a “thank you” for saving a stranger’s life. It is unfathomable that this is the society we live in. Next thing you know teachers will have to start buying classroom items out of their own personal pay. Oh, wait.

We need more selfless citizens like Fernando Garcia, and we need a proper way to support them. I’ve seen successful GoFundMe campaigns for college students Halloween costumes, but how about one for our boy in light blue?