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People Are Upset Jalen Johnson 'Quit' on Duke

Are people actually upset Jalen Johnson left early to prepare for the NBA draft?


I'll admit that I'm a full-blown Duke hater. I think the only time I didn't hate Duke was when I jumped on the Zion bandwagon a couple of years ago. So whenever something bad happens to them, I get a little smirk  on my face.

Last night, Duke's 5-star freshman Jalen Johnson decided to opt-out for the remainder of the season to prepare for the NBA draft.

Johnson hasn't lived up to expectations as the next great one-and-done Duke player. He's been going through a foot injury and Duke hasn't looked like Duke this year. We have Coach K trying to dig up every excuse in the book and yelling at student reporters.

College basketball writers are not happy with Jalen Johnson's decision.

In my opinion, who cares. Duke can technically still make the tournament, but if I were Jalen Johnson, I'd get the fuck out of Durham. Get healthy before old NBA executives start to examine every little thing in your life.

I'll always side with the student-athletes. The schools and the NCAA only care about what benefits them. When a student-athlete does something for themself, they're automatically labeled as a villain who has character issues. Is it going to hurt his draft stock? Maybe, but at least he can get a head start preparing for his future instead of playing a meaningless game against Georgia Tech in March.

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