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People Are Upset Alabama Students Celebrated After Winning National Championship

Thousands of Alabama students flood the streets after winning their 18th National Championship.


When I first heard students went back to college, it sounded like a recipe for disaster.

As the country is trying to contain the virus, these "smart" decision-makers thought it was a good idea for a bunch of 18-22-year-old kids to act responsibly and properly quarantine in their dorm rooms. When Alabama won another national championship last night, I'm sure all the students were tucked into bed right?

What did people expect? Of course college students are going out and getting hammered after their team just won the national championship. They're at an age where they feel invincible. If they get COVID, they'll just shrug it off and be back partying after two weeks. If people were actually concerned about stopping the spread, they would've kept everyone at home and stick to remote learning like the rest of the world.

Let's be honest with ourselves here. We all didn't come out of the womb, instantly acting like a Karen. If I were an Alabama student, I probably would've been out in the streets celebrating too. It's funny people seem to forget what it's like being a college student. As much as everyone wants to think they would've done the right thing, they probably wouldn't have.

What happened in Tuscaloosa last night should've never happened. It's clear our country doesn't prioritize the virus, especially seeing what has happened in the past few days. Don't blame the students. As I said, they can act more responsibly, but they are college kids at the end of the day. Blame the school officials that allowed this to happen.

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