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Owl Saved From Rockefeller Tree

Humans destroy an animals habitat, shocked to see consequences of their actions look them in the eye.


One minute you're home, waiting for mom to get back from the store. The next minute your home has been ripped from the ground and transported nearly 200 miles away. While not a reality for those of us who live in America (typically), it was the reality for a little owl named Rockefeller, named after his capitalist captors.

This guy was found in the Rockefeller tree this year. The journey from his home to NYC took over 3 days, the entirety of it without food and water. When they were opening the tree they saw his big eyes staring back at them as he was hiding deep in the branches. Immediately those who found him assumed he had to be injured if he was in the tree. It’s almost as if the thought that this was his house never crossed their minds. The owl was taken to a wildlife shelter, where it was declared healthy and is being prepped for release.

I just hope they release him back where they found him. If Disney movies have taught me anything, I know his owl parents have already begun their epic journey to the Big Apple to save their son. Unfortunately, by the time they arrive, he will be long gone.

The Washington Post called this a “Christmas Miracle”. I’m not sure if they are saying that the miracle is he didn’t die in transport or the fact that a child was ripped from his family. Regardless, I hope your Instagram photos are worth it this year.