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OnlyFans Needs To Go Public

Why should the selfie queens be the only ones to profit?

Lucifer Morningstar

Dear investors and Chamath Palihapitiya,

Why not?

OnlyFans is a billion-dollar media giant hiding in plain sight.

It wasn't enough for Cardi B to vocalize wet female genitalia in her viral hit "WAP", she also had to include the Jenners, raunchy instagram posts, and obscene promotional videos (which I'm sure you're all fine with) to lure us in. Well one thing that caught the eye of many was OnlyFans: a place where you pay content creators money to gain access to their photos and videos. Of course, this was going to end exactly as you'd expect it too. Why try and mingle when you can have a random internet mami send you nudes?

OnlyFans is the hub for adult models, where everyone gets a thirst trap for a price. I'm envision Oprah right now throwing OnlyFans pictures at everyone, "YOU GET A THIRST TRAP, YOU GET ONE!" It's mainly attractive females tempting men to pay a few bucks for images. Harmless, right? Cardi B is making it so. She's one of the few using her powers for good, raising money for charity and connecting with her followers in a unique way. On August 12th, Cardi B uploaded a video from behind the scenes of her photoshoot for the cover of Elle magazine. A few weeks later, she shared behind the scenes footage from her glorious "WAP" music video. Not all heroes wear capes, but some of them do have drapes. Ahem.

tenor images

The accelerated growth of the user base is thanks to Queen Beyonce and Cardi. Tim Stokely, the company's founder and CEO, says that OnlyFans is adding as many as 500,000 users a day and paying out more than $200 million a month to its creators. "OnlyFans has grown into one of the biggest media businesses hiding in plain sight" according to the article. The company has 85 million users, upward of 1 million creators, and will generate more than $2 billion in sales this year, of which it keeps 20%, valuing it at more than competitor Patreon.

Andrew Chen on Twitter

"OnlyFans is revolutionizing creator and fan relations." - Tim Stokely

Stokely is trying to ride this gargantuan momentum of site popularity. The company, based in London, is setting up new offices in Asia and Latin America. It's also planning to create a streaming service called OFTV, which will feature exclusive content like creator-driven series and personal interviews with OnlyFans personalities. What a time to be alive. It's like we have the 21st century refurbished version of Playboy, and if they go public, you know I'm loading the boat.