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Ohio State Students Went Nuts Last Night

Ohio State students decided to riot for no reason.


A few weeks ago, I wrote about CU Boulder students going wild for no reason.

This time, Ohio State students went absolutely nuts. The country is opening up again. The vaccine is rolling in and we're slowly getting to taste what a normal life is like. As the country reopens, we're going to see college students do dumb shit. It's one of those "nature is healing" moments. I mean, look at these videos.

Why do college kids like to flip random people's cars? Just go party in the streets and leave their personal possessions alone. Imagine going outside to go to work to see your car flipped? "Hey boss, I can't come into work today because thousands of college kids decided to destroy my car."

I'm sure the school will threaten to punish kids that attended this riot. We all know nothing is going to happen. College kids are being dumb again and it's honestly refreshing to see.

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