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NFT of the original source code of the World Wide Web is up to $2.8 million

An NFT of Tim Berners-Lee's original source code for the World Wide Web is being auctioned.


I'm always curious to see what rich people spend their money on. Some people like to collect cars, others like to collect artwork. This one guy bid $2.8 million on an NFT of the original source code for the World Wide Web.

The NFT includes Tim Berners-Lee's original source code he used to create what we now call the World Wide Web. The NFT package includes a personalized letter from Berners-Lee, describing his process of creating the code. It also has an animated video and digital poster of the code.

This has to be the equivalent of a Honus Wagner baseball card, or a valuable Picasso painting for computer nerds, right? I mean, the original code for the internet? Something that changed the world forever. If I were one of these rich computer nerds that live in Silicon Valley, this feels like a must-have NFT.

Another interesting fact. Did you know Tim Berners-Lee is only worth $10 million? According to a quick Google search, the World Wide Web is worth $2.1 trillion. For that reason, I don't blame Berners-Lee for selling this NFT. It's not like he's selling a code that's going to shut down the internet.

The auction is going on until Wednesday, and many believe the price will keep going up. As of today, there have been 44 bids placed on this NFT that's being auctioned through Sotheby.

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