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Nancy Pelosi Upset she can't Revoke First Amendment

Nancy Pelosi wants the internet scrubbed of all memes


Nancy Pelosi is going full Karen on Facebook. A video is circulating on the site that shows Pelosi slurring her words and speaking very slowly. This is an edited video intended to make inbred rednecks believe she was drunk on the job. (oh the irony)

I understand her reasoning for wanting the video removed from the internet, but to demand such a thing is outright absurd. Facebook has the right to do whatever it pleases with its platform. Frankly, I think the government's recent dabbling in social media is concerning on multiple levels.

It’s obvious that candidates use targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter, etc to gain votes in crucial districts. The issue is the mindless horde that is the general public who blindly follow headlines and glorified clickbait strewn about the internet. The solution isn't to censor free speech as much as I’m sure both parties would love you to believe. The United States government pops a woody each time they can take away a personal liberty.

I've got a crazy idea: what if we update our education system? Now stay with me here, but how about we teach how to be safe online and fact check. We have an entire generation who will know how to use a kiln in ceramics but have no idea how to find truthful information online. Our society is changing and our geriatric House of Reps is living in the past. One day our government will be filled with tech-savvy millennials. Until then we have to deal with the incompetence that we've grown too accustomed to.