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Naked Woman Shuts Off Power To Vegas Casino

I wonder if her friends laughed or were ashamed.


You could put “Las Vegas” or “Florida” in any headline and a seemingly wild headline becomes mundane. Florida is just a bunch of meth heads and racists, and Vegas is literally nicknamed “Sin City”. Despite this fact, it is always entertaining to see what these two hellholes are up to. That’s why I couldn't help but laugh when reading that a naked woman turned off power to an entire casino for 3 hours in Vegas.

It was an average Monday night for 28 year old Alissa. Blackout drunk on vacation mid-pandemic. As the clock struck 9:30 pm she decided to strip down to her birthday suit and go for a stroll through her casino resort. Of course, this didn't end well and she was kicked out of the resort. Now the reports don't say if she was kicked out naked or given time to retrieve clothes, but she was found 30 minutes later butt naked in a security room. The reason she was discovered was because she mauled the control panel for the building's power. Bending switches and ripping out wires which caused the power to go out for nearly three hours. After causing $5,000 in damages, this menace to society was put behind bars, until the next morning.


To be honest, I put this one on the resort. You make money by feeding people a mind-altering poison and then going after their wallets once they are drunk. Why did they let the woman walk out of their hotel naked? Why was it so easy to get into the security room? Their entire industry is based upon scamming people, you’d think they'd have proper security measures in place to deal with the drunk, the angry, and those who have lost everything.


I’m also curious as to this girl's story. If this had happened at 1 am I wouldn't have batted an eye, but 9:30? That's suspiciously early to be ass naked in the lobby. In some groups I’m sure this girl will be heralded as a hero. Every group of chicks who visit Vegas now will all hope to get on Alissa’s level. The only thing this story has taught me is that I do not want to go to Vegas. It sounds like the worst corners of every college campus condensed into a desert city.