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Multi-Millionaire kills over Pork Stick

Costco CEO threatens to murder the current President if the price of its holy wiener is changed.


An old article recently resurfaced. Within this article, there are details on the famous Costco hot dogs. The former CEO and co-founder told the current President that he would “kill him” if he raised the price of the iconic hot dog.

I’m not a Costco customer myself, however, I once had the pleasure of accompanying a friend to the warehouse wholesaler. The first thing I did was break out a crisp fiver for a long wiener and some carbonated sugar water. The hot dog was good, but the deal was what left my mouth watering. As a self-proclaimed fast food addict, I spend way too much time sniffing out food deals. I’d eat freshly made dog food if it was packaged in a deal with a drink and a side. Off the top of my head, some of the best I’ve encountered are the McDonald’s 2 for $3, half apps at ‘Bees, and the Holy Grail of deals, the Wendy's 4 for 4.

My predisposition to high-fat, high-calorie meals makes Jim Sinegal’s quote even more beautiful. In a world where profits are above all else, it's great to see someone turn their nose to the capitalist machine and take a loss to keep customers happy. All too often do we see prices skyrocket for simple pleasures. I’m not proud to admit I once paid $12 for a Big Mac meal in the city, compared to the $8 I’m accustomed to.

In my book, Jim Sinegal is an absolute legend. A man who has made his millions and is willing to take an L. He doesn't care about seeing red in his bank account. What this man cares about is delivering cheap, warm wieners into the mouths of Americans in 44 states. Jim Sinegal would kill for us, would you do the same for him?