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Most intriguing week one matchups of the 2021 NFL season

With the week one schedule for the 2021 season released, here are our most intriguing matchups.


Ah, NFL schedule release day. One of the dumbest, most hyped-up days on the NFL calendar for no reason. People love seeing dates next to opponents. Although it's stupid and dumb for people to get this excited, it means we're one step closer to football.

We got the kickoff game between Cowboys vs. Tom Brady and the Bucs. Pretty meh kickoff game to be honest. Regardless of what they did in the draft, I don't expect the Dallas defense to make a significant jump. They had a historically bad defense and I don't know if a bunch of rookies is going to make a change. I expect Brady and the Bucs to stomp them out.

Here's the full slate of week one games below:

I usually hate to do this type of stuff considering we're still over three months away from kickoff. So much can change, especially with the Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson stuff. Whatever. Below are my favorite week one matchups as of May 12th.


This is probably everyone's favorite week one matchup as of today. This could very well be a preview of this year's AFC championship game. I like this game because both teams improved on what was their biggest weakness of 2020. The Chiefs completely revamped their offensive line. After seeing the Bucs chase Mahomes around in the Super Bowl, they had to add pieces to protect their crowned jewel. On paper, the Chiefs have a top-five offensive line in the league.

The Browns had to get better on defense. They signed John Johnson III and Troy Hill away from the Rams. They also got Clowney on a one-year deal. They didn't stop there and drafted Greg Newsome and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah in the first two rounds of the draft.

Pretty weird going into the season being super confident about the BROWNS. All my life, this team has been one of the biggest jokes in sports. We're now talking about them being a serious threat to the Chiefs?! With the weapons both teams have on offense, this could be a fun, high-scoring game.


All of you will probably groan when you see this. For me, this game is super interesting. You have the NFL debut of Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence. I'm super curious how this Jags team is going to look with Meyer at the helm. We also might get a chance to see Tim Tebow's debut at tight end.

On the other side, who's the QB? Is it going to be Deshaun Watson? Or are we going to see Davis Mills? There was a report saying that Deshaun Watson may settle soon with his sexual assault cases. If that happens, does that mean Watson is going to get traded? There are so many questions that need to be answered in Houston.

The best case scenario is Deshaun Watson coming back to Houston to play Trevor Lawrence in the Clemson Bowl. Also, it's going to be weird seeing Urban Meyer on an NFL sideline. Over/under 7 1/2 weeks that Urban Meyer fakes a medical condition on the sidelines?


Big Ben is the last QB standing from the 2004 draft class. In what could very much be his final year, Roethlisberger and the Steelers go up to Buffalo to take on Josh Allen and the Bills.

Big Ben looked old and slow last year. I don't expect much from the Steelers this season. They're the clear cut third team in the AFC North. Their offensive line looks terrible on paper. Drafting Najee Harris in the first round behind that offensive line was a questionable pick. It's going to be all about that defense.

The Bills are very much ready to make a run to the Super Bowl. Josh Allen is my pick to win MVP this year. I love how their team is constructed and I think they have a top-three team in the NFL. Can Josh Allen and this Bills team take another step? If they do, they might be the best team in the NFL.


Dolphins vs. Patriots

Rams vs. Washington Football Team

Cardinals vs. Titans