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Mike Wilbon and Stephen A. Smith's jaws literally dropped after Deandre Ayton's game-winner

Deandre Ayton's game-winner had Stephen A. Smith and Mike Wilbon look like they saw ghosts.

Stephen A. Bayless

Last night, the Suns and Clippers put on one of the best games of the season. Although the final few minutes took way too long, both Booker and Paul George were trading blows down the stretch. George hit some clutch shots and almost earned his nickname Playoff P. That's until Pandemic P showed up and he missed two huge free throws.

The play of the game was Ayton's game-winning dunk.

When does an inbound alley-oop game-winner ever work? I feel like we've seen this tried so many times, and it always ends in the ball being thrown away, or the dunk not beating the clock.

The reaction of Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon is priceless. I had the same reaction too when the Suns perfectly executed the play.

Their jaws literally dropped. It looks like they both saw a UFO or ghost. Their face shows how ridiculous that game-winner was.  Before the play happened, I thought maybe I should turn the TV off and go to bed. The refs were taking forever to review a call and I didn't think the Suns could pull off a shot with under a second remaining.

Does Stephen A. Smith put out ridiculous takes on TV every day? Yes. Love him or hate him, there's no one that can give you a better reaction in sports than the one and only, Stephen A.

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