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Mike Ditka Tells NFL Players to "Get The Hell Out" for Kneeling

Former NFL player and coach hates silent protests.


Another day, another boomer complaining about NFL players kneeling.

In an interview with NewsMax, Mike Ditka was not pleased with the silent protesting during the national anthem. Now if there's anyone I know that would be angry about the kneeling, Mike Ditka is on top of the list. The football-loving, cigar-smoking, and meat-eating son of a gun is probably the last person to be happy about what's going on in the league. Does this seem like a guy that would tolerate any sort of protesting during the national anthem?

Ditka is just one of those guys that live in his own world. All he wants to do is chill at his steakhouse and smoke stogies. Just a typical Chicago man that doesn't want the extra bullshit that comes with his football. People will probably try to cancel him but you can't cancel a man that doesn't give a shit about your opinions.

For people that are upset with his opinions, just know that this is the first time Ditka has been relevant since his ESPN days. He'll fade into oblivion again and crawl back to his cave in Chicago, so no need to get so worked up over his comments.

EDITOR'S NOTE- Mike Ditka's steak house closed down earlier this year. RIP Ditka's.

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