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Mets Fire GM Jared Porter

Mets terminate GM Jared Porter's contract after messages to an international reporter were leaked.


Nothing like getting fired 38 days after you get the job. At least he brought them Francisco Lindor in his short stint, so I guess this hire wasn't a complete botch. Steve Cohen announced the Mets were parting ways with Jared Porter after inappropriate messages to an international reporter were leaked via ESPN.

The incident occurred in 2016 when Porter was an executive for the Cubs. Imagine sending anyone 62 straight texts? I mean after she ignores you the third or fourth time, you need to know the battle is over.


The open mouth selfie is a wild move. Along with a headband? Seems like the type of dude you want to avoid from any social interaction.


I'm assuming the majority of girls don't like to receive unsolicited dick pics to begin with. Teasing them your bulge, along with multiple frowns, and asking if you're annoying them might be the biggest nightmare for anyone.


To end it, of course, he had to add a full-on dick pic with a ton of questions on why she won't answer. Pretty embarrassing to not get a response after sending a dick pic. That's when you know she's REALLY not interested in you if you didn't get the hint in the first 50 texts she ignored.

To be honest, I'm surprised the reporter didn't call the police. Not only are all those messages annoying to receive, but it's probably pretty scary as well. Imagine a random dude sending you dick pics and weird selfies from someone you only talked to a few times? It's a world that women in sports deal with too often. Unfortunately, we've seen numerous sexual assault reports pop out throughout many leagues.

If this were the old Mets, the Wilpons probably extend this guy just because he traded for Francisco Lindor. With Steve Cohen, he wasted no time and put the hammer down. Same old Mets? Probably, but at least they acted on it quickly instead of letting it tick like a time bomb in the corner.

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