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Melinda Gates rents out an entire island to avoid media during her divorce

Melinda Gates rents out an entire island in Grenada to avoid the media.


This whole Bill and Melinda Gates divorce makes you realize how removed they are from normalcy. I can't even imagine what I would do if I had billions of dollars sitting in my bank account.

To avoid the media, Melinda Gates rented out an ENTIRE island in Grenada that costs $132,000 per night. Normal people might move back home to their parent's house for a couple of days, but Melinda said fuck it, we're renting a whole damn island.

There's rich, very rich, and then there's "fuck you, I'll just buy the whole island to avoid media rats" rich. According to the New York Post, Melinda brought her kids and their significant others to the island. Imagine marrying into the Gates family?
Is that better than hitting the lottery? After seeing the type of money Melinda can get, it might be time to slide into her DM's.

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