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Manny Ramirez Gets Into Weirdest Interaction With Red Sox Fan

Red Sox fan ignores Manny Ramirez's presence.


Does this guy win the award for WOAT fan of the year?

I'm not too sure what's going on here. First, Manny compliments the guy's hat, then asks a simple question. No one loves Manny more than Manny. He probably wanted a jolt of confidence, hoping the guy recognizes who he is. Instead, the guy goes the "don't talk to my girlfriend" route. I don't know why he would think Manny is hitting on his girlfriend because he was directly talking to him.

Those are the type of guys you want to avoid. Their beer muscles start to flare up and always want to get in a confrontation to show their girlfriend how much of a man they are.

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If this guy was a true Red Sox fan, he would've been ecstatic. Other than David Ortiz and Ted Williams, Manny Ramirez has to be the most beloved Red Sox of all time. How can you wear a Red Sox hat and give the cold shoulder to Manny Ramirez? To be honest, a true Red Sox fan would've sacrificed his girlfriend to hang out with him for the day.

Let's say that guy was lucky Manny didn't throw him down a flight of stairs as he did with that Red Sox employee.

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