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Man Willingly Goes To Jail Instead of Living With Roommates

This man is DESPERATE


A man from Sussex (In the UK, not the land of the free) decided he would rather be in jail than with the people he was living with for one more night. He was wanted for an unknown crime and willingly walked to the police station to turn himself in. He claims he just wanted some “peace and quiet”.

As a man who has never been to jail, I stand by my take that prison isn't that bad. Four walls, a bed, water, heat(?), three square meals a day, and camaraderie! What else does a man need other than personal freedoms? I’ve actually wondered in the past why some homeless people would rather be in the freezing cold instead of committing a petty crime and heading to prison. I watched all four seasons of Prison Break, it’s not that bad!


This man though, this confuses me. Yea I get why some people would prefer prison, but to have your own place and still prefer jail, sheesh. He must be living with some pains in the asses. I’ve never been in a situation like that so I can’t say I’ve ever had these feelings. However, I definitely know some people who are so annoying that I’d legitimately rather go to jail than live with them.

At the end of the day, this guy did a good thing. He’s about to save a ton of money on food, rent, and utilities. His record will be clean so he can stop evading the law, and his roommates have probably gotten the message that he hates them. I’m curious as to what his crime was and how long he will be in jail just to avoid these annoying brits.