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Man Steals Vehicle Only To Discover Child Inside, Reprimands Mother

How do you break the cardinal rule of parenting...


As a man who has zero experience dealing with infants, I find it extremely easy to evaluate parents. Everything is easy to judge from the outside, and kids seem borderline easy to raise. Sure they shit, piss, and cry, but other than that, the basics seem pretty easy to follow. Feed it, give it attention, don't shake it, and don't leave it in a car. How hard could it be! All joking aside, you've got to be a complete moron to leave your kid in the car unattended. I don’t care if it's 64 degrees outside and you're running into CVS for a pack of gum, if someone sees a baby alone in a car they will most likely act on it. And that is just what this HERO did.


A woman in Oregon left her car running as she went into a store to buy milk and meat. In the backseat of her vehicle was her four-year-old child. She claims she was never more than 15 feet from her car, however I call bullshit. I know damn well milk and meat are in the back of any store, and that is certainly more than 15 feet away from the closest parking spot. So already I have to assume this woman lacks basic paternal instincts and lies to the police. Regardless, a man stole her running vehicle, returned it after noticing the child, reprimanded the mother, told her to remove the child, then sped off in the stolen vehicle. The man has yet to be found, however, the vehicle was located a few hours later.


You know you screwed up when a criminal has to lecture you. Not even a white collar criminal, a car thief. The police decided that the mother did nothing wrong and she is allowed to return home with her child. This story has multiple lessons that everyone can learn from. Don’t leave your car running, it can get stolen, and it's bad for the environment. Don’t leave your kid alone in the car, however, if you don't understand that, you probably shouldn't be a parent. And finally, if a common thief is giving you advice, it's time to reevaluate everything.