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Man Records Himself Speeding, Locked Up After Video Sent To Police

If you're stupid enough to record it, you're stupid enough to be in jail


Cell phones are amazing creations in theory, yet somehow we have found a way to turn infinite knowledge at our fingertips into a negative. Social media, phone addiction, and increased surveillance are just a few of the ways cell phones are causing more harm than good. Obviously, all of these don’t apply to everyone, but it's impossible to deny there are negative effects that touch everyone. I hate that everyone is slowly becoming recorded and tracked because of cell phones, but there are measures individuals can take to avoid this. What I don’t get are those who willingly record and publish every little detail of their lives. Good or bad, embarrassing or gloating, legal or illegal, they will post the video to all social media platforms.

This brings me to a story out of Indiana. A man was speeding in his Lamborghini at 213 mph and decided to record a video of his speedometer to show everyone what a badass he is. Investigators found this video, reported it to the police, and the man was arrested. I have been waiting years for this precedent to be set. If you are stupid enough to break the law and post it online, you deserve to be in jail.

For years I have seen the infamous speedometer pics all over social media, and all I ever wonder is “why?”. Unless you are 17-years-old and have had your license for a week, no one finds speeding cool. The most egregious violation I have seen was a girl driving on I-95, both hands on her phone texting as her friend recorded a Snapchat story of her driving with her knees for a full ten seconds. The driver thought this was so funny, that she screen recorded the Snapchat just so she could post it to her own snap story. So now two people with hundreds of connections have a video of her committing enough crimes to be in jail. I was furious when I saw this, and I also decided to record the Snapchat and had intentions of emailing the video to the state police. After about 10 minutes, I cooled off and decided it was too much work to put a bimbo in jail. However, now that the precedent is set, she won’t get the same lackadaisical response next time.


Post whatever you want to social media. I don't care if you are doing something illegal, but the second other's lives are at risk because you're a moron, I’m gonna get upset. So here’s a good rule to live by: If you are breaking the law, keep that information close to the vest. Because you never know if a narc is on your friend's list.