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Man Fakes Kidnapping To Get Out of Work

Brilliant or stupid? We all know the answer


It's clear the average mental state on this planet has deteriorated over the past year. People have gone off the deep end, whether it's living arrangements, jobs, or lack of daily activities. I just wrote about the man who willingly chose to be in prison over being with his roommates, but this story takes the cake. A man faked his own kidnapping to miss work.

When I saw this headline, I assume it was a lie told over the phone. While this is a stupid excuse, it’s difficult to verify anything over the phone. However, this wasn’t a phone call, this man from Arizona took it one step further. Brandon Soules decided the best way to get out of work was to go to a water tower, tie his hands behind his back, and gag himself with a bandana until the authorities arrived. The police immediately started to search for the kidnappers when they realized there were zero signs of kidnapping or assault. Soules told the officers that two men knocked him unconscious and the next thing he knew he was at the water tower. Eventually the police broke him and he admitted to making up the story to get out of work.


This guy has to be a moron, right? I can legitimately think of a thousand better excuses than being held hostage to get out of work. We live in a world where you have to quarantine if you get the coronavirus, that should've been the first to come to mind. The guy is now in jail for false reporting to the police. I mean, I did say jail is a better alternative than most people think so maybe he took my advice to heart. To be honest, I’d rather have this guy in jail than walking the streets. He clearly has no critical thinking skills, so the fact that I could have shared a sidewalk or a road with this man terrifies me.