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Lil Durk Goes Kanye Krazy in New Music Video

A contender for music video of the year, Lil Durk goes Kanye Krazy

Shawn Craymen

In an early contender for music video of the year, Lil Durk recreates many famous scenes from the career of his fellow Chicagoan, Kanye West. The Cole Bennett directed video nails so many key details and makes them his own. For example, there’s the old bear Kanye used in his first three albums but with Durk’s signature blonde dreads. Recreating a moment when Kanye wore the “MAGA” cap, Durk wears a “Make America OTF Again” hat paying homage to his gang in Chicago. The biggest takeaway from the video? Kanye’s old outfits still go hard till day. The denim jacket with the hood and the white G Shock in the Stronger video? Fire. The sweater under the trench coat in the Heartless video? C’mon man.

Durk has been a notable rapper since the Chicago hip hop scene blew up in 2012 spearheaded by Chief Keef. Durk had a notable hit in “Dis Ain’t What You Want” but has stayed mostly underground until recently. He had a show stealing verse on Drake’s #1 Billboard Hot 100 single “Laugh Now, Cry Later” and his last two albums went #2 on the Billboard Hot 200 charts. With the release of the deluxe version of his most recent album, The Voice, the video for Kanye Krazy might be what gets Durk a number one album. Hopefully we can see Kanye himself jump on a remix for the song and make this an even bigger moment in Chicago history. Check out the video below.