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Lamar Odom VS Aaron Carter Is Official

The fight no one wanted is booked for June


I hate to say it, but I told y’all so. Celebrity boxing matches are officially in. Both of the Paul brothers are taking on legitimate fighters and now Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter will be boxing this June in Atlantic City.

I am upset we are starting with D-list celebrities, but Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will the great sport of Celebrity Death Matches (working title). Aaron Carter came out months ago demanding a fight with anyone who dared challenge him. Of course, that offer wasn't exactly the most appealing so it took a few months before a foe appeared on the horizon. That opponent just happened to be 6’10, 230lb Lamar Odom.

At first I thought that this would be an easy bet. Lamar has 9 inches and probably 60 pounds on him. Then I thought back to the original UFC duel between the Sumo wrestler and the MMA fighter. The Sumo wrestler was just too slow and lost the fight. Now obviously there is a huge difference between a professional MMA fighter and Aaron Carter, but the same logic applies. Carter is also eight years younger while Odom has struggled with health issues ever since his retirement from the NBA.

I think this fight will be very entertaining. Both are fighting for pride, a second chance in the limelight, and most importantly, cash. What made the early UFC great was these uneven hypothetical match-ups they would give us. And while the modern UFC is still awesome, you can’t help but miss the early days some times. Of course a boxing match is nowhere near as exciting due to the lack of kicks, knees, and choke outs, but I'll take what I can get. In the meantime, I look forward to Paul vs. Mayweather. Everyone in their right mind is betting on Mayweather, but if the impossible happens, a select few believers will become very rich.