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LA Rocked by Earthquake, Celebrities Pretend to be Human

The difference between the insanely rich and the rest of us is that they make money off of tragedies. Watch and laugh as they try to make humor out of a lite earthquake

Big Tasty

Celebrities mock mother nature and have proven they are one of us

Last Thursday, July 30th, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck Los Angeles county at roughly 4:30 am. The epicenter was near the San Fernando Valley and it was felt throughout the southern portion of the state. Immediately following the earthquake, tweets flooded in from every user with a blue checkmark.

Among the tweets, there were overused 2020 jokes, attempts at seeming relatable, and feeble attempts at humor. Shockingly enough, no celebrities published tweets asking if their fans were ok. As I sifted through the garbage these celebrities pump out I couldn’t help but physically cringe at how tone-deaf these people are. I’ve chosen some of the worst tweets to mock for your entertainment.

Now of course we have to start with a Kardashian. It seems that Khloe was awoken from her cryo-chamber by the earthquake as she spent no time hopping on social media.

Oh man!! Wow that felt much bigger than a 4.5 #earthquake. So scary! Sneakers and my flashlight by my bed 🙏🏽🙏🏽

— Khloé (@khloekardashian) July 30, 2020

Now I couldn't help but notice the privilege oozing from this tweet. Sneakers by my bed? She is one of the few people in this nation who has to declare her sneakers are now close to her bed. Ms. Kardashian seems to have forgotten that most Americans don't have to walk half a mile to their dedicated shoe closet. Luckily for me, my shoes are in the closet 3 feet from my bed. I love how she also included that she is keeping a flashlight nearby. I genuinely think she doesn't realize you can use a phone for something other than social media and Facetune.

If that #earthquake is any clue of what’s next in 2020, I’m done.

— marshmello (@marshmellomusic) July 30, 2020

Now, this is one of the many rehashed 2020 jokes that celebrities thought they could use to identify with the common man. I chose this one specifically because it's such a terrible joke. Keep that bucket on your face and keep making beats, comedy isn't your forte “Marshmellow”.

My preparedness for an earthquake is the same as the US government for COVID-19. None.

— JoJo. (@iamjojo) July 30, 2020

The last tweet that caught my eye was this one by JoJo. Now if you have no idea who JoJo is, she's apparently a singer who has made enough money to live in a multi-million dollar mansion. I actually quite liked her tweet; anything bashing the government for letting hundreds of thousands die is alright in my book. Now of course she is living in a home that was designed to withstand incredibly powerful earthquakes (which many would say is preparedness), but I’ll let that one slide this time.