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Kim Ng Becomes First Female GM in MLB History

Kim Ng and the Marlins make history.


The Miami Marlins not only made MLB history but American history when they hired Kim Ng to become their GM. Ng is also the first Asian-American to become an MLB GM. What's even more amazing is she'll be the first female GM in any of the four major sports.

The Marlins stunned the MLB when they sneaked into the playoffs this year. With Ng being considered one of the most qualified executives in the league, it seems like Jeter knows what he's doing. Considering he traded away all of his stars his first year with the team, the Marlins are finally headed in the right direction.

Ng has been an assistant GM and VP for the Yankees and Dodgers. She's spent the past few years working as the Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations for the MLB league office.

I think we're going to see more minorities take on executive roles in not only the MLB, but every major sports league. The NFL is expected to pass a rule that will reward teams with draft picks for hiring minorities into positions of power. Maybe that's a trend moving forward with the other leagues.

Can Ng put the Marlins over the top? They're still a young team that are a few years away from really competing. As long as Jeter maintains his distance from making any trades, the Marlins should be in good hands. A huge day for sports.

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