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Kid Sells Kidney for iPhone

A new low for humankind.


It’s no secret that money makes people do crazy things. Just the other day I saw a video of a man licking dog crap for ten bucks. Whether it’s for a dare, humor, or pure desperation, there is never a lack of people doing stupid things for money. In my lifetime I’ve heard plenty of people joke about selling a kidney for quick cash. Never in my life did I actually suspect a human being has actually done this, especially for a material item.

In 2011 a 17-year-old sold a kidney so he could purchase an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2. So many questions instantly arise from this. Who performed this surgery? Where did he find a buyer for a kidney? Who in their right mind would actually sell their body for a product that will be outdated within 365 days? The short answer: China. Apparently, they have a huge black market for organ harvesting. The kid messaged some dude in an online chatroom and later that week he was down a kidney and up $3,000. He wound up getting an infection and nine years later he’s now bedridden at 25 while requiring daily dialysis.

The moral of the story, don’t sell a kidney unless you’re getting a product in return that won’t be outdated within a year. I guarantee you that kid wishes he swapped his kidney for a PlayStation instead of an iPhone. Apple has probably bricked both devices by now, leaving the kid with nothing. Between this and the college students who were selling their plasma, it makes you wonder if the old ways of making money have officially died. If you’re a girl, start stripping. If you’re a guy, sell some drugs or start stripping. There’s no reason to cut your body open for pocket change.