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Kevin Love Reacts to Kyrie Irving's Comments

Kevin Love chimes in on Kyrie Irving's media blackout.


Kyrie Irving put himself in the national spotlight again after he released a statement saying he's not speaking to the media this year.

Of course, the media didn't react to this nicely and had choice words for Kyrie not fulfilling his obligations to meet with the media. I understand where Kyrie is coming from. Some of the things he says are definitely taken out of context.

There are also things he says that make you scratch your head. Kyrie is entitled to his own opinions, but let's not act like he's the victim all the time. After seeing the NBA fine Kyrie and the Nets $25,000 for failing to meet with the media, he decided to take his thoughts to Instagram.

Today, Kevin Love was asked about his former teammate and friend about his actions and Love definitely had his own take about the whole situation.

I agree with Love. At the end of the day, everyone has a job to do whether you work in the media or you're part of the organization. Regarding Love's comments of Kyrie calling the media pawns, I actually find it funny Kyrie called them that.

Obviously, Kyrie has been a target to the media ever since he requested a trade out of Cleveland. For sure, there are hacks from ESPN, Fox Sports, and other outlets that will take everything he says out of context. I believe the majority of the media want to do their job and honestly report what's going on with the team. I'm talking about the beat reporters who've been with the team every day for the past 25 years. With one of the biggest superstars in the league who's a huge part to help grow a team like the Nets, it sucks for those reporters to not being able to speak with him.

What makes Kyrie think a press release from his spokesperson won't be taken out of context? I think Kyrie trying to make a change in the community is admirable, but trying to separate himself from the media and bringing unnecessary drama is not a good look.

Look at LeBron. The dude has been crucified by everyone in the media since he stepped foot in the league. What makes him one of the most charitable players in the world is he uses the media to his advantage. Whether it's to raise awareness of his own foundations, advocating what he believes in, no one uses the media to his advantage more than LeBron.

For me, I don't think getting into a war with the media helps with what Kyrie is trying to accomplish at the end of the day.

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