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Josh Smith absolutely roasts Doc Rivers after game 7 loss

Josh Smith went in on his former coach after the Sixers lost game 7.

Stephen A. Bayless

Another postseason, another blown lead for Doc Rivers. It's a yearly tradition at this point. Doc Rivers blows a lead in the second round and the entire internet clowns on him. This time, Josh Smith had a few words for Doc after his game 7 loss to the Hawks.

This wasn't even a roast. It was a murder. I'm sure Josh Smith knows a thing or two about Doc after playing for him on the Clippers. Doc Rivers was a dead man walking, and Smith buried him.

Now, I won't put all the blame on Doc. It doesn't help when his "star" point guard refuses to shoot the ball. If shooting 34% in the playoffs wasn't bad enough, how about passing up wide-open dunks in crunch time?

Yes, let's pass up an open shot because well-known rim protector and physical force Trae Young is going to contest you. I have never seen a player so mentally broken. Is this something you can fix? A break-up might be a necessary move for both Simmons and the Sixers.

Going back to Doc, how does he have the confidence to coach anymore? If I blew that many postseason leads, I'd just pack it up and move somewhere no one would bother me. I mean, how do you keep on coming back after doing this?

Another brutal ending for a Doc Rivers team. We all know he's going to get another opportunity when he gets fired by the Sixers in a few years...

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