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Jose Canseco vs. Barstool Sports Intern Boxing Match Becomes Official

Yes, you read that right. Jose Canseco agrees to fight a Barstool Sports intern at Rough N' Rowdy.


Although we turned the page and have officially moved onto 2021, there are still some lingering effects from 2020.

On Pardon My Take, it was announced that their intern, Billy Football, agreed to fight Jose Canseco at Rough N Rowdy. In a world where we get a celebrity boxing match every month, this didn't come as much of a surprise. Especially when Dave Portnoy offered $100,000 to the winner.

So how did all of this even begin? After doing some research, it appeared all this happened when Jose tweeted an old clip of Barstool Big Cat saying he will fight Jose.

After kindly denying the fight, Big Cat called upon Billy Football to be his champion just like in Game of Thrones. So that's how we're here.

Barstool is in the content game, and after seeing how successful Rough N' Rowdy has become, maybe this is their ticket to start hosting celebrity boxing matches. For Jose, he's as crazy as it comes. He's also done this type of stuff before. Remember when he got his ass kicked in an MMA fight against a 7'2, 310-pound giant, Hong Man Choi?

So for Jose, maybe cash is running low and he needs a boost in his bank account.

If I had to pick a winner, it has to be Billy Football. Although Canseco is a complete lunatic and probably has some roid rage left in him, I have to go with the young buck. I can't see a 56-year-old man beat up a kid in his early 20's in a boxing match. With the commentary of Portnoy and Big Cat, this has a chance to be a pretty entertaining fight.

Start getting used to more washed-up celebrities getting in the ring. With everything the Paul brothers have done, who's next? My guess is Gilbert Arenas.

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