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Blockbuster Trade Sends James Harden To Nets

James Harden is headed to Brooklyn in a blockbuster deal.

Stephen A. Bayless

We all knew this moment was coming. Especially after what Harden said in his postgame interview last night.

This move obviously positions the Nets as the best team in the league. How do you stop a team of KD, Kyrie, and Harden? Of course, this is all pending on what happens with Kyrie.

The Nets mortgaged their future to win now. They did this back in 2014 and it flopped. But this is a completely different situation. Instead of trading for two washed stars, the Nets got one of the best players in the league, right in his prime.

There's a bunch of moving pieces in this trade, but it looks like this is the trade below.

We'll see how many more pieces get moved, but the trio of KD, Harden, and Kyrie is the most talented big three we've seen in the NBA. There's a lot of mouths to feed, but the talent might be too much for NBA teams to handle.

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