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James Cameron Is Re-Releasing Avatar in China To Reclaim the Highest Grossing Movie Championship

James Cameron is re-releasing Avatar in China.


This is such a petty move. I love it.

One of my funniest things on the internet is when movie fans defend their favorite franchises. Whether it's Marvel, Star Wars, etc., people love to argue about why their favorite movie/series is the best. It's like when sports fans scream into an echo chamber of takes no one cares about.

James Cameron is the box office king. Whatever he releases, I feel like it shatters every box office record imaginable. As of now, Cameron holds two of the top three highest-grossing movies of all-time in Titanic and Avatar. Avengers: Endgame surpassed Avatar grossing $2,790,200,000 at the time. Avatar only needs $7.4 million to surpass Avengers.

With the Avatar sequel finally coming out in 2022, I'm sure Cameron wants to get those Avatar juices flowing while reclaiming his throne. What better place to re-release a movie than China? When you need numbers and money, you can always rely on China to come through for you. You need to sell a certain amount of merchandise? Go to China. You need a certain amount of views for your mediocre action film? Go to China. It's a formula that never fails.

Let's see how Disney and Marvel counter-punch. Do they make another Avengers film and bring in every known superhero ever? I just know the big old mouse living in Orlando isn't going to put up with this pettiness from Mr. Cameron.

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