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J. Cole announces release of new album

J. Cole's long-awaited and teased album finally has a release date.

Shawn Craymen

The moment so many have been waiting for, J. Cole is dropping his new album. One of the biggest rappers of the past year, Cole hasn’t released an album since 2018’s platinum selling KOD album, only doing features on other artists' songs since then. Cole’s new album, The Off-Season is slated to come out May 14th, 2021. Aside from that, no information about the album is known.

How do I see the album going? Cole has been on a tear doing great features, managing his Dreamville label roster, and executive producing Young Thug’s debut album (or fifth album depending on how you count it) So Much Fun. If it was any other time it would be another self-produced “Platinum with no features” album where he raps about folding clothes and having boners in math class but this is 2021. So much has changed for him and the world in the past year that this is the most excited I’ve been for a Cole album in close to 10 years. Can’t wait to see what he pulls out.