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It's Officially Tua Time in Miami

Did Brian Flores make the right move benching FitzMagic? Regardless, it's Tua time.


By now, everyone knows Brian Flores benched Ryan Fitzpatrick for the fifth overall pick: Tua Tagovailoa.

The news shocked everyone because the Dolphins are 3-3 and only one game back in the AFC East. Fitzpatrick brought his magic to Miami giving the Dolphins a legit playoff push.

Many criticized the move. Is it the best idea to start their future QB who's coming off a hip injury? Honestly, I love it. We all knew this was going to be another rebuilding year for the Dolphins. Fitzpatrick was never the future, even though he's been solid this season. Why not play your franchise QB in meaningful games?

I've always been an advocate for playing rookie QBs as much as possible. Of course, there are certain situations where it may not make sense. If they're healthy and can run the offense, get them as many reps as possible. Let's not act like Tua is some extremely raw prospect. Everyone's raved about this kid ever since he dropped that beautiful ball down the sideline to win the National Championship as a freshman.

If they replaced Fitzpatrick with someone like Josh Rosen or Dwayne Haskins, then we'd have a discussion. We're talking about one of the best QB prospects to come out in the last 10 years. Let Tua get his feet wet and maybe he brings the Dolphins another step forward. It's all about building blocks and setting up for the future. If they make the playoffs, it'll be a nice cherry on top.

Watching Fitzpatrick talk about getting benched made me a little upset.

Seems like such a lovable dude. All he wants to do is smile and sling the football. Even his beard looks upset. America never wants to see a sad Ryan Fitzpatrick because he's brought us so much joy. Whether it's his ridiculous post-game outfits or his crazy facial expressions, it's hard to hate a guy like Fitzpatrick. I'm sure he'll find another starting gig somewhere when next season kicks off. I PROMISE, this is not the last time we see Fitzmagic.

To everyone who's still freaking out about the move, it's time to let it fly with Tua. He'll be just fine. There was once a rookie named Eli Manning who took over the reins of a 5-4 Giants team previously led by Super Bowl champ Kurt Warner.

I agree with Kurt. It worked out just fine for the Giants.

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