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It's official. J.R. Smith is a student-athlete at North Carolina A&T

NBA champion J.R. Smith is officially back at school. The NCAA declared Smith as eligible to join the North Carolina A&T men's golf team.


Imagine being a freshman walking into your first class, and you see J.R. Smith is one of your classmates? Well, J.R. Smith is officially starting his freshman year at North Carolina A&T.

It was reported a few weeks ago that J.R. Smith was enrolling at North Carolina A&T to get his degree. Smith was drafted to the NBA out of high school and never got the chance to get his college degree. What makes this story even better is Smith walking onto the golf team. Considering he already played professional sports, people thought the NCAA was going to block this from happening. The NCAA did something good for once, and allowed J.R. to join the golf team.

I can already see J.R. walking around campus shirtless, with a bottle of Henny, acting like a freshman that doesn't know how to handle his liquor. Obviously, Smith isn't going to live the typical freshman lifestyle after making millions in the league. The thought of him going out with his teammates to a frat party or local bar makes me laugh though.

Wishing J.R. nothing but the best. Hopefully, he can make some noise on the golf team and we can get J.R. Smith playing for a conference and national titles.

Also, J.R. is sick and tired of the Henny jokes. I take back my Henny joke and will oblige to anything Mr. Smith wants.

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