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Will Aaron Rodgers' 'Last Dance' season start tomorrow?

It looks like Green Bay will have their franchise QB for one more season.


With veteran players reporting to training camp tomorrow, the biggest question of the offseason may finally be answered.

Aaron Rodgers will play for the Packers this year unless something crazy happens. It was something we all knew. The way the Packers front office talked about the whole situation, we knew they weren't trading him. Since Rodgers couldn't force his way out of Green Bay this year, it seems like he's approaching this upcoming season like it's his "Last Dance".

It seems like Rodgers and his teammates know this is it. One last season with Green Bay. After that, Rodgers will choose his destination by going into free agency. That seems like the logical decision for both sides. Try to win a Super Bowl with this roster one last time.

It looks like Davante Adams is taking the same approach as Rodgers after it was reported he and the Packers are far away from an extension.

So one last ride for Rodgers in Green Bay. Will it end in a championship like it did with Jordan and the Bulls?

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