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Hubie Halloween: The Worst and Best Movie Ever Created

Adam Sandler redefines cinema in his new Netflix movie. Be prepared for tricks, treats, and the burning urge to wear a flannel.


Netflix recently released Hubie Halloween, a Happy Madison production starring none other than Adam Sandler. The movie is set in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween day, where local idiot Hubie (Sandler) must protect the town from the horrors that the holiday brings. I want to preface this review by being transparent; I am a huge Adam Sandler fan. The guy is hilarious, an underrated actor, and on top of all that, we share a birthday. That being said, Hubie Halloween somehow wound up being both the worst and best movie I’ve ever seen.

Let’s start with the bad first. Everyone comes into a Sandler film review expecting the man to be burned at the stake for his cinematic sins. While the hate is often well-founded I think it's a bit unreasonable. Sort’ve like going to McDonald’s and being upset your $8 meal wasn’t as good as the steak house you went to for your birthday. You have to temper your expectations and realize the movie you’re about to watch. This isn’t a man on the hunt for a best picture nomination, this is Adam Sandler trying to have fun while making millions. Of course, the movie’s plot isn’t masterclass and the dialogue is surface level, but who cares? If you want a deep, meaningful film experience filled with motifs and foreshadowing, this isn’t it. Go throw on your pajamas and put on The Irishman if that is what you want. This movie is here to make you laugh and get you in the spooky mood. His voice for Hubie is ridiculous and a bit agitating, but Sandler just does things like that to get into your head.

Now, onto the good. The movie is an instant holiday classic. From the set pieces, the score, the humor, its all top-notch. Most of the jokes land, with enough adult and child humor mixed in that its great for audiences of all ages.  From the first minute onward the Halloween vibes are overwhelming. Every scene is littered with pumpkins, hay bales, Halloween decorations, monsters, and that classic American charm that is perfectly captured during autumn in New England. The over-the-top visual gags left me chuckling instead of rolling my eyes. Guest appearances and old Happy Madison throwbacks keep new and old fans alike entertained and engaged. The movie never drags or stalls, keeping the wheel of nonstop hilarity constantly spinning. Sandler finds time to mock overdone tropes as well as himself in the 100 minute run time.

The movie is a must-watch, and it has earned a place in my yearly Halloween movie-thon. One day I’ll sit down in my bunker with my grandkids and throw on Hubie Halloween, knowing it will be a hit. Don’t expect the best movie of all time, but be prepared for Sandler to keep you entertained from beginning to end.

EMDB score: 6.5/10