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How the Hell Did the MLB Mess up This Review?

How do you blow this call after watching the replay multiple times?


One of the biggest changes we've seen in sports in the last decade is the use of instant replays and challenges. Every close call in any part of the game seems to get reviewed immediately. Love it or hate it, it's going to be a part of sports for the rest of our lives. To be honest, I can see it expand even more with improvements in technology.

Major controversy last night during the Phillies vs. Braves game. In a tie game in the 9th inning, the home plate umpire called Alec Bohm safe when it looked like he never touched the plate.

It's close. I'm not even mad at the home plate umpire. It's a bang-bang play and from his angle, maybe it looked like the foot scraped home plate. What I'm mad about is how do you get the call wrong after reviewing it on replay?

Every angle you look at, he's clearly out.

The great thing about baseball, especially April baseball, is you have the benefit to say it's a long season. Another thing about baseball is a lot of playoff races come down to one or two games. I expect the Braves to be in the postseason, but imagine if this one game was the deciding factor that kept them from winning the division?

C'mon baseball, get your shit together. I'm sick and tired of having to criticize the MLB. They can't do ANYTHING right since Manfred has taken over.  Braves fans have all the reason to be pissed off after that debacle last night.

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