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Houston Texans Fired Their HC, GM, and OC in One Day

Houston Texans now have three prominent positions open.

Stephen A. Bayless

My initial reaction when I first saw this was "What are the Jets Doing?"

Although the Texans have underperformed this season, I thought they were going to ride it out with B.O.B. Considering he made so many franchise altering moves, I thought it would be better for the Texans to sit back and see. Now, I don't agree with almost all the moves he made but he was clearly way over his head having all these job titles.

I'm not sure what the Texans management saw in him but I'm assuming he went about it like how recent college grads interviews for their first "real" job. Hype yourself up for jobs you are way under qualified for.

Besides trading Deandre Hopkins for a washed up running back, I think his worst move is the Laremy Tunsil trade. Although Tunsil is an awesome left tackle to have, you need to win games ASAP if you make a trade like that. Instead, this is what their sitting at.

Not having your first or second round picks is devastating for a team that looks like their headed for a rebuild. As crazy as it sounds, I feel like you gotta trade away Watson or Tunsil to clear up some cap space moving forward. They're in cap space hell right now. That's a disaster for a team that's no where near competing for a Super Bowl. They'll be able to restock on their draft capital and maybe not fuck it up for once?

Also, chill out Reggie Bush.

Ever heard of guys like Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, and John Harbaugh? Let's check their NFL stats.

That's right, the three best coaches in the NFL never played a snap in the NFL.

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