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Homeless Man Breaks Into Tom Brady's Home

As if things couldn't get weirder for Brady.


Let's just say Tom Brady's first season as a Buccaneer is interesting. He can't even enjoy his bye week without a homeless man breaking into his house.

We've seen this with other Patriots players in the past. They leave Belichick's nest and instantly become below-average players. Now, I'm not calling Brady a below average player (even though he has been for the past few weeks) What I am saying is he thought he was going to have all the glitz and glamour on his own.

Brady has already had his own issues with breaking into homes. Remember when he walked into some random person's house in the offseason thinking it was his offensive coordinator? Yeah, that was all cute and innocent until someone does it to him.

The intruder, Zanini Cineus, has had a history with Brady. He attempted to steal a game-worn Brady jersey out of the Patriots' Hall of Fame Museum last year. So maybe Brady was right leaving New England to get away from crazy Massholes.

The best part of this story is the guy chilling on Brady's couch in the basement. Maybe he wasn't trying to steal anything. It's getting cold in the Northeast and maybe a homeless man was looking for somewhere warm. Why not crash at the biggest house on the block?

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